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A. Tffner (dark alex)
17 days ago
You might want to have a look at our EasyMySQLi-Library that provideas an easy access to MySQL-DBs utilizing MySQLi

You can find everything here:
(If you want to delete this link okay it's just there to help.)

Basicly it's an extension to mysqli that provides easy access methods like this:

require_once '';

$db = new EasyMySQLi('host', 'user', 'pass', 'DB');
$ary = $db->querySingleRow('SELECT * FROM exampletbl WHERE id > ?', 158);
'Example-Value is'.$ary['val'];
1 month ago
If you, like me, came here expecting adequate set of functions allowing smooth and easy work with the database without escaping, strip_slashing etc, and now in your fifth hour of debug, trying to get mysqli_result from prepared statement - you might find parts of my wrapper useful.

pastebin -> FdkVkbvR
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